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History of Nelson Place

by Jeanette C 28 January 2016

I always knew that my grandfather lived in Nelson Place (no 14) but, thanks to the myhousemystreet website have now been able to backtrack a little on the history of the previous occupants and have discovered that before him these were noted as my great grandfather (from 1908 – 1910) , another of his sons (so my grandfathers brother) from 1912 to 1929, and then my grandfather from 1930 to 1935. It struck me as curious that it was a little unusual for the same house to be in the same family for so long, or was it? (I am only comparing this with the previous history of where the family lived and they rarely seemed to move about at lot.)
I know that the houses were demolished in the 30’s and this was a very poverty stricken area. Does anyone know if the houses were rented from private landlords – I know there were some forms of the equivalent of council housing around then but not sure if it was the case for this particular street.
Thank you in advance!

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