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HO alliance building society Hove park late 60'summer early 70's . When did it close?9

by Teresa Mackintosh 1 June 2022 2:24 PM

I have never seen anything on the above firm, but it was my first job, just 16, and worked in the Advance dept. Now it seems a bit like the Mad Men in the layout. A Mr Cheesmere in charge, Don Young his assistant, two more mature ladies, Cynthia who chain smoked and a Daphne or Vivian? The other “Junior”was Pat, tall and slim with long black hair who lived along Old Shoreham road. We had tea lady with trolley twice a say with the best cheese rolls, a huge dining room heavily subsidised, the managers sat at one end. The top floor was a computer! We had a bus pick us up at Old Steine. Felt very proud to say l worked there just loved it. Any memories to share?

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