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I never left!

by Wyn Burgess 17 September 2009

Having followed the “Why did you leave the town you love” theme, I thought I would just add my two penn’orth. I have lived in Brighton & Hove all of my life. I was born in Moulescoomb and now live in Hangleton, so I have not moved far have I. To me the area is HOME, yes much of it has changed, not always for the better I agree but it is still a lovely place to live.
We have, if we want it, the sea, the shops and the countryside a good train service to London for the ‘High Life’ what more can we ask.
During the last few years I have travelled quite a bit with my daughter and when coming home, whether from another part of England or another continent as we reach the top of Mill Hill and cross to come down ‘Snakey’ we always say ” we are home’. If this happens to be in daylight, then it is even better as the view from the top is great.
I will admit that I cannot remember the last time I walked on either the beach or the pier but I do have very happy memories of both in my earlier years. Only on rare occasions do I venture into Brighton at night so cannot really comment on that.
I think also that as we get older we are not quite so tolerant, one of the things that always bugs me is the way that the gardens running down from St Peters to the Pavilion are used today, when I was a child they were sacrosanct areas, now they even put tents on them and churn up the lawns.
Sorry! I have waffled on but I wanted to add my thoughts.


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