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I'm Looking for Someone Very Specific! (North Laine)

by Ira Giorgetti 4 February

My name’s Ira, I’m a London-based photographer and I need your help!

I took a photograph of a friend performing in Brighton at Pride 2018. The image is currently in the final shortlist for a photography contest, but they’re asking me to get sign-off from anyone recognisable in the image which includes one of the bystanders – a lovely lady walking by holding what I presume to be her grandchild.

The photograph was taken in August 2018 at SILO Brighton (39 Upper Gardner Street, Brighton BN1 4AN) which I know is no longer operational but I was hoping she might be local to the area and someone might recognise her or know how I might be able to get in contact with her.

Thanks for taking the time to read through all that, I know it’s a long shot but worth a try!