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Information about Margaret Cullen, palmist working at 64 Elm Grove and on West Pier

by Peter D Watson 16 April 2022 3:14 PM

I am a guide at Lytham Hall in Lancashire and a local historian. I am searching for information on the palmist Margaret (Marjorie) Cullen (formerly Kilner, later Atkinson) who was born in 1930 in Blackpool and married the palmist Pat Cullen in the early 1970s. She practised at 64 Elm Grove until about 2018. I would like to know if she is still alive as she would own the copyright to the poems of the late Harry Clifton, formerly Squire of Lytham, Margaret being the sole beneficiary of his will. I seek permission to use some of the poems and also information for a new edition of my short biography of Harry Clifton, who was a close friend of Margaret Cullen. Any information would be welcome.

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