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Is this a Brighton Butchers Shop?

by Michael Harding 6 August 2020 1:01 PM

I have this butcher’s shop picture and I am trying to determine where it is. The butcher’s shop name is “Harrison Late Hamilton” Pork Butchers. The door on the left of picture is number 101.

The reason I think it may be Brighton is on the right of picture, just above the people’s heads, is a display board with photos in it. With the aid of a magnifying glass you can read “The Grove Photographic Studio, H Edwards 11 Lewes Rd”. I know there was a H Edwards ran the Grove Studio at 11 Lewes Rd in Brighton but I think this cannot be 11 Lewes Rd itself as the door on the left is number 101. I am thinking possibly there were advertising boards left in other locations around the town to attract business. Can anyone help?

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