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Johnstone's Midget Coaches, Brighton.

by Tim Sargeant 13 April 2020 2:39 PM

Johnstone's Midget coach. Falstaff Antiques, Rolvenden Kent. Leyland (JMC2) in 'Southdown' livery.
Johnstone's Midget coaches at Arbroath. TUF3 and SCD2. Yeates Riviera style 1957 & 1956.
Johnstone's Midget 1937, DUF3.

I recently added a posting on the ‘Childrens Memories of Brighton seafront in the 1950‘s page about Johnstones Midget Coaches. I couldn’t add photos to that so I am putting the photos on here. The photos are in the order that these coaches are mentioned on that page. You might like to read the other postings on that section in conjunction with this.

1) The Johnstone’s Midget ‘Southdown’ coach at Rolvenden in Kent; Originally registered JMC2 in 1937 this model of a Leyland PSUC belongs to Chris Booth who has a collection of old Morgans and other memorabilia in the motor museum behind his antique shop. Well worth a visit! Lower pic is Austin J40 pedal car as mentioned in the Dreadnought’s Garage posting.

2) The one in Arbroath Scotland originally registered in Brighton TUF3 with it’s sister SCD2 both models of the Yeates Riviera coaches from 1950s registered 1957 and 1956. From the Arbroath Guide 1965.

3) This is one of the original pre-War models from 1937, DUF3, when on display at the ill fated British Engineerium, Hove.

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