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Kemp Town, does anyone remember the property developer Godfrey Parker?

by G.G. Weiner 2 October 2022 5:48 PM

I wanted to contact Christopher Horlock to see if he has any records and images of the old Kemp Town brewery, where we have lived since the redevelopment of the Mews in 1973-4 by (that raconteur) Godfrey Parker (he was featured in The Evening Argus). We moved i in 1975 after finding his ad’ in The Sunday Times. As an aside, we arranged to meet him on a sunny Sunday, driving down from Surrey. We got here at about 1pm as arranged, however he arrived a little late, wearing white shorts and top! He said, “Go and have some lunch and come back around 3ish”. Well, what could we do? So, we did and came back at 3pm. He then asked my Father if he could come to his penthouse suite in Chichester Terrace, then known (and named) ‘Parker House’. I went up with them into a private lift that went straight into the lounge! I then had to wait outside the room where a deal was struck, and my father bought the property. A short time afterwards we were informed that he gone on a cruise on the QE11.

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