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by David Coates 12 November 2017

In 1990, I was a student living in Bristol Gardens Kemptown – the end near Church place. I distinctly recall seeing a street name/place name somewhere near the Chichester Place /St Marks Street area named the same as a street in a soap opera – ie Albert Square, or Brookside, or Coronation Street, or one of those (I can’t remember which soap it was now!) I saw it lots of times when walking into the town centre.
However, I can’t find it now. I visited the area recently and walked about all round, but nothing. I did notice a lot of redevelopment since I lived there.
I’ve even used Google maps to try to trace that whole area, but nothing.
I’m wondering if any redevelopment in that area since 1990 has removed this street name?
Can anyone help? I’m positive it was there!
Thank you

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