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Lashmar family & Brighton

by Murray Lashmar 4 December 2005

I am interested in finding any information about the Lashmar family, who were fairly prominent in Brighton around 1800 and lived there from about 1750 to about 1850. A Richard Lashmar was High Constable in 1799 and may have been involved in Lashmar & Muggeridge’s Bank around 1829. There is some speculation that the dolphins in the current Brighton & Hove Coat of Arms may have come from either the Lashmar or the Scrace families, both of which had dolphins in their arms. One of the windmills in the area, which was operated and possibly built by John Young Lashmar, eventually was moved north to Clayton where it still remains as one of the Jack & Jill windmills.

Murray Lashmar
Vancouver, Canada

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