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Laundries in Brighton and Hove

by Peter Groves 3 March 2020 11:35 AM

I was reading some of the posts and comments on the site about laundries in Brighton and Hove and I soon came to realise that there were many in the area, but how many? From the posts and comments it’s difficult to establish exactly, as some  could not quite remember the name, or got the name correct but the address wrong (i.e. Co-Op Byron Street or Olive Road in a recent comment). It would be good to try and establish how many, by leaving a reply with the name and location?

My other query is “why so many”?  There seems to be loads in the Elm Grove and Poets Corner areas? Were these all commercial or did some do household laundry, at a time when no one had washing machines? Finally, around the town how many people were employed in this industry?  It must have been quite a lot!

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