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London Road Shops and Pubs

by David Ward 16 July 2009

Further to recent queries, there is (or was)a web site some time ago dedicated to London Road shops.

In 1969 the pubs listed were:
52-53: The Branch Tavern
75: The Hare & Hounds
113: Elephant & Castle
119: The Mechanics Arms
120: The Duke of Connaught Pub
143: The Prince of Wales

The numbering in London Road started at the St Peters end on the West side and ran up to Preston Circus, then doubled back on the east side so that no. 3 (in 1969) was opposite no. 144

There were 5 off-licences as well giving a total of ten in the trade. I have grouped the types of stores roughly to give these indicative figures:

Shoe / Boot Sellers and repairers 11
Laundry / cleaners 7
Pubs / Off Licences 10
TV / Radio etc 5
Hardware 3
Builders / Decorators merchants 3
House furnishings 4
Clothiers 10
Butchers 5
Grocers 3
Banks 2
Greengrocers 2
Tobacconists and confectioners 3
Chemists, Opticians, Dentists (Health) 4

These numbers make for a fascinating comparison with earlier (1920 & 1951) and later (2001) years. If anyone is interested I will post a chart.

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