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Lost Local Documents

by Roy Grant 14 March 2010

A number of similar strings are running on the above subject at the moment, but under less obvious headings, so I thought I would openly ask if anyone had either “Collected” or missed the oportunity to collect, unusual documents they thought to be of local interest.
A missed opprtunity for me was when my elderly neighbour died and her house was inherited by a distant relative. I recalled my neighbour had formerly been the pay clerk at the Brighton Ice Rink, but not wanting to be pushy in a time of sadness, I left it until I met the inheritor by chance to ask if she had found any ice related artifacts. I was gutted to find that she had discovered all the early wages books up to the end of the war, but having no use for them, had thrown them in a skip that was now gone, which I had walked past on a daily basis.

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