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Mile Oak School 1973-74

by vernon langhorne 27 November 2009

Hi My name is Vernon Langhorne and i was a pupil at Mile Oak, an experience that put me in a mch better sted to deal with life.
There was a motor cycle programme run by a small bearded man named Bruce Gillett! Dirty ol git but harmless!!
My mind is really bad remembering names but i do remember a black kid called Bruce Gillard, We could never make him cry, a real tough nut!
I myself am mixed race, i would love to hear from anyone who knew me or was there round the same time as me!
There was a teacher who used to take us for walks on the Downs, Olive skinned, slim man, called all the kids pesterlings! remember him.
Remember when we built a motorcycle display team and did a few events, one was in a local sports ground, any memories of that?
I am writing my life story so any thing that can jog this ticker into motion would be appreciated!