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mr and mrs strong

by frances benedetto 11 April 2008

hello all becoming or just are 40 this year! i was here at fizzy sherbert lol anyone remember miss de mohen and mr mitchell( i still have a post card from him!) and oh singing summer loving from grease on the school field!….good and bad memories of fitzherbert, but they taught us well and kept us (mostly) under control lol.i rememeber wayne, and steven papanicolus(ish on name am old now!) antony squires( squiggles) sheilagh, teresa and bernadette!…last names escape me but if any of the above rings a bell, contact me at face book! would love to hear from you, brings up old laughs and morn the fact our spooky school has gone! bring back blackboard rubbers! throw a few of them in the mix at school now be no need for asbos rofl xxxfranxxx

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