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Nightingale House, Marine Parade

by Monty Dart 6 April 2021 9:21 PM

Hello, I’m interested in Nightingale House, Marine Parade. It was opened on Saturday 27th April 1929 as a Christian Spiritualist Rest Home. It stood at the corner on Marine Parade and ‘every window commands a fine view of the English Channel’. Apparently accommodation for 20 people. Centrally heated. Opened by Life President of the Temples Mr W. Harold Speer. ‘The Rest Home was suggested by Florence Nightingale, who through a blind medium, said she would like her name associated with an institution of that description’. I’m just wondering if this place still exists as a Home or in another mode and does anyone have a photograph of it? I am writing a book in which the Home is mentioned and if there were a photo, I’d love to use it if copyright free. I know quite a bit about the Home itself – so can provide the details of opening ceremony if anyone is interested. Regards Monty

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