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by Jennifer Drury Website Editor 26 October 2009

I have deleted the ‘Where are they now’ thread that many people have posted on. In these days of identity theft and other such on-line threats and scams it is very silly to give out personal details such as were shared here. Of course it may seem like this is a safe place – and it is true that a great percentage of the regulars here are well known to us here at MyBH. But please remember that this is an OPEN FORUM and so can be viewed by anyone who logs into the site.
We do have plans, as soon as we have sufficient funds, to completely redesign this facilty – but in the meantime – please do not post personal details.
Bearing all this in mind, I do hope that you all continue to enjoy this wonderful resource. And although I find it very time consuming sometimes, I am always willing to facilitate safe sharing where possible.

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