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North Steine Enclosure and Thomas Leach

by Helen Shipley 21 March 2008

Does anyone know where the North Steine Enclosure was c1855? I have estimated that it may be the green area to the north of the Steine where the fountain is but south of St Peter’s. My old maps are no help as they are later. I am unsure if there were any major changes to the area later in the 19th century that might mean the enclosure doesn’t even exist any more. Or was it just renamed?
My great great great grandfather, Thomas LEACH was ‘gardener to the North Steine enclosure’ – he lived at 96 Carlton Street – from the Post Office Directory of Sussex 1855 page 796.
Finidng this entry has confirmed some oral family history which is quite exciting – please don’t think I am sad. So often things handed down turn out to be fictitous, wishful thinking, or at best, exagerated.

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