Patcham Old Village - no. 96 London Road in 1851

by Christine Jackson 20 December 2019 7:43 AM

I’m looking for an image that would show what no. 96 (Old) London Road looked like in 1851. It would have been just to the south of the existing old building at no. 106 (Village Bakery), where there is a row of modern-ish mews houses. In 1851 no. 96 was the address of Joseph Parsons, the Brighton auctioneer & estate agent. I have found pics on this site & elsewhere of all parts of Old London Road as it passes through Patcham Village, but none show what was in that short stretch between the Bakery and the intersection with Ladies Mile Road. Does anyone know of such an image or know what happened to the buildings that were there in the mid-19thC? With fond memories of a happy childhood in Patcham,

Christine Jackson (formerly Durrant), born & raised in Mackie Ave, 1945-1964