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Pawn Brokers

by Jennifer Tonks nee Smith 30 July 2009

Having been away,I have been catching up on here, and noticed something missing from Dying Trades.PAWN SHOPS!These are two I remember.Bottom of Islingward Road,on right going up.There was the dairy,bakery,then the pawn shop.The second one I recall ,was in Lewes Road.This was next to the funeral parlour,the side entrance was in Fairlight Place ,my mother was friendly with the owner and his wife.Uncle Albert!Not sure that was really his name!Next door was a sweetshop run by a very beautiful,busty Italion lady, shop was always full of adolescent boys! I recall it all so well as I went to Fairlight school.I am sure there were others,one in the the lanes I believe.

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