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Pub: Kennington/Kensington Arms?

by Mark Miller 2 January 2011

I was wondering if anyone could help me? I have searched the Internet but to no avail whatsoever.
In 1995 I met with a new group of friends in the Laines area of Brighton. We went to a pub which I strongly believe was called either ‘The Kennington Arms’ or the ‘Kensington Arms’.
On New Years Eve I searched for this pub with one of the other group members who now resides in East Sussex. Although I am a fairly frequent visiter to Brighton, we have never really tried to find this pub again and didn’t expect it to exist.
Our generally good sense of direction took us to a pub called ‘The White Rabbit’ in Kensington Gardens and on entering it the orientation of the building seemed identical to me to what I remember from 15 years ago.
But was ‘The White Rabbit’ really once called the ‘Kennington’ or ‘Kensington Arms’? I could find nobody to verify this verbally or find any evidence of such a thing on the Internet.
I hope it was the same pub though…
Thank’s in advance to anyone who can help.

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