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QueenSpark Books

by Stella Cardus 7 April 2005

QueenSpark is currently archiving all the books it has published in the past 30 years with a view to making them available on the web. To this end, we are trying to locate at least three copies of each book – one for our own archive, one for Brighton Museum and a working copy that can be cut up and scanned.

So, if you have a spare copy of the following books that you are prepared to donate to QueenSpark please contact :

Poverty: Hardship but Happiness by Albert Paul – 1st (1974) or 2nd (1975) edition only
Out of the Blue and Blues by Katherine J Browne (1975)
The Town Beehive by Daisy Noakes – 1st (1975) or 2nd (1979) edition only
Backyard Brighton by QS writers – 1st (1988) or 2nd (1991) editions
Back Street Brighton by QS writers (1989)
A Daughter of the State by Kathleen Dalley (1998)
The Crowd Roars by Ron Cunningham (1998)
I do like to be beside the seaside by QS writers (1993)
A Pen for all Seasons by Hove Writers Group (1997)

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