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Rail on Brighton Pier ?

by Céline 25 January 2008


I’m 17 and I’m French, so, first, I apologize for my English which is not really good.

I love England and I went to Brighton twice : in summer 2005 and the last summer (2007).

When I came to Brighton in 2005, I remembered a pier, where was a rail (track ?) from beginning to the end. If I remembered well, it was rather slow. There was a fun fair on the beach just at the base of the pier.

And when I came this summer, I’ve just seen the West Pier and the new Brighton Pier with the fun fair at the end and no rail. So I’m wondering : did the Brighton Pier has a rail and has just changed in the course of time ? I couldn’t find the answer on the net yet.

I wish you will be able to answer to me, even if my reminds are not really distinct and my english not really good (I apologize one more time !).

It really will be a pleasure for me to have at least an answer.

I turn the occasion to tell you that Brighton is a really beautiful city and I hope to return there soon.

Thank you in anticipation

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