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re Colin chitty's

by David Christie 7 March 2010

Thank you Colin for starting this column, I have just found this particular section today. after reading thru all the comments many names arose that brought back memories. I lived in 37 Whitehawk Crescent, 62 Nuthurst Road and 33 Twineham Road. I lived with the Blackmores. I went to school with Terry, Freddy Thwaites,Derek Constable,Trevor Gorringe,Norman Jupp, Derek Doo, Brian Knight, Ralph Gandey,Phil Avey,Tony Croucher Joe Tierney,Michael Greig,David Thomas,Alan Whittington,Derek Whippham.Alan Winterbotham,Pat Curd,Beryl and Brenda Brown(twins) Diane Lipsham,Rosemary Adams,Jean Butterfield

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