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Re: Medal - Fire Brigade

by Wyn Burgess 21 April 2010

Hi Viv,
I went to the BHC yesterday and found an article in The Argus for 26 June 1891. It was a VERY long article – much to long to copy out, and the layout was such that it would have been very difficult to get photocopies.

However,it would appear that a section of the French Fire Brigade were on a visit to England and were touring around several places. One of which was Brighton. No reason given for the visit but it was obviously an occasion to be celebrated as their was a great deal of information about processions, drills and a luncheon/reception hosted by the then Mayor Mr Soper.

I did read through the article and there was no mention of any presentation of medals or any other items. The Frenchman arrived in Brighton about 11am and left to return to London? in the late afternoon.

Not much help regarding yuour medal but at least you know about their visit to the town.

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