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research on my family

by Eri Cook 29 March 2010

I would like to do some research on my family. My parents, uncles, aunts and both sets of grandparents were born, gave birth and many of them died in Brighton. I’d like to find out about them and hopefully my great grandparents and even earlier ancestors. Andy Grant and others have mentioned “Genes Reunited”, but unfortunately I can’t get any info from them without paying an ongoing fee. A fact they neglect to mention until after you have signed up with them. It seems also that the UK government has sold its birth deaths and marriages records to Ancestry .com, so no info from them without ongoing fees as well. And free BDM hasn’t yet covered Sussex (I’ve tried checking my name and my parents). I did buy some directories on CD, namely; Neighbourhood of Brighton & Hove 1932, Brighton & Hove 1932 Commercial Directory, Brighton & Hove 1932 Trades & Professions, Kelly’s Brighton & Hove 1932 – Residents Directory. I have found very little in those.
I can only do this research via the internet as I currently live in Australia? Am I limited to the above mentioned commercial sites, or are there other ways. Any help would be appreciated,

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