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Researching Maynards sweets. And Lanes or Laines?

by Penny Chorlton 16 August 2002

I’m interested in anyone’s recollections of Maynards sweets as I’m researching a history of them for a weekly column I write in Woman magazine called How It Began.

I believe they started originally in Newcastle, and the Maynard family were followers of the Temperance Society. The “wine” was never actually put in the gums of course but the sweets were marketed to people who liked alcohol and to persuade them that there was an alternative!

I’m particularly interested in finding out aboiut the Maynard family and what happened to them. I guess they fizzled out and or sold out to bigger confectionery companies eg Trebor Bassett. I think they had more than 100 shops around the Uk which was quite something. Any info gratefully received and acknowldeged…

I too remember when The Lanes were spelt without the ‘i’ – why was it added? It is an antique spelling of ‘lane’? Very strange…

best wishes,
Penny Chorlton/ contact

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