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Richard Street

by David Ward 28 October 2009

As a result of looking at the 1900 Brighton Street Map – see previous thread on Street Address – I noted that the Kings of England are well represented opposite the pavilion and to the East. William, Henry and John Streets are all next to each other between Carlton Hill and Edward Street (which accounts for Edward). Then George Street runs between Edward Street and St James’s Street and Charles Street between St James’s Street and Marine Parade. Oddly our Kings were honoured by less than the smartest streets in town to say the least! However I cannot see a Richard Street. Of course it is possibly there somewhere so please tell me. It would be odd if the Lionheart was completely ignored by Brighton! James is also missing although with St James Street that might be understandable as there would be confusion. There is (or was) a King Street and Kings Road is well known. Brighton street nomenclature (is that the right word?) makes a fascinating study. The groupings of names are interesting not so much for who and what is included but for those left out.

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