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Roffey family,Newhaven st

by Brian Burton 10 November 2016

Hi,everyone,back in February I was asking for any information regards the Roffey family,at 19,Newhaven Street,I lived there with my two sisters,Lorraine and Barbara.My Mum’s name was Joyce and my Dad’s name was Robert(Bob),The years were 1954/1959.I remember a neighbour across the road,name of Coleman.My dad had done a stint as a bus driver,also I think he did a coal delivery, before starting his own landscape gardening business, also can anyone help with which infants/junior school I may have attended? Ido remember the playground had an airaid shelter, also the iced bubs and the milk that we had.All I can remember,is that I used to turn left at the end of my Street, where the block of flat’s are now,and go up the hill to get too school. Hope Someone can help me with any info.Many thanks.