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Searching for my mother

by Rachel llsley 27 March 2010

I have been searching for my birth mother for many years and need to ocate her before it is too late as she will be 86 years old this year in March and as far I am aware she is still alive. Brighton is the last known whereabouts. Her name is Edith Alice Rouse and she was a Hotel Chambermaid, living at 30 Landsdowne Place Hove in 1962. On 3/5 in 1962 she married Jack Morley who would be 78 years old now. They married at Brighton Registry Office. I know they had a daughter Deborah Ruth who was born at Brighton General Hospital on 23/4/63. Is this information familiar to anyone or does anyone remember these people and where they moved onto from Brighton? When they had Deborah they were living at 31 Tisbury Road, Hove and Jack was a Cinema Doorkeeper.

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