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The Adkins family: 37, St. James's Street, formerly at 39, Upper Rock Gardens, Brighton. Circa: Early 1900's.

by Christopher Adkins 1 June

To the lovely people of Brighton. Would anyone remember my late grandfather, Doctor Percy Rutherford Adkins, a physician who lived with his wife Blanche Adkins (nee Hennis) at 37, St. James’s Road, Brighton in the early 1900’s. They had two boys, Percy Benjamin Adkins (my late uncle) and Ronald Charles Rutherford Adkins (my later father). A Neurologist, he specialized in treating the brain. Sadly died from Meningitis in 1917. when my father was aged 3. He had a sister: Harriet Sophia Adkins, and younger brother: Benjamin Ratcliffe Adkins. Children of Benjamin and Sarah Adkins from “Newton Lodge,” 7, Newton Road, Faversham, Kent. A well known and highly respected architect in Faversham, he designed “Newton Lodge” himself, and has a plaque to his name on the house, where he lived with his family, retiring to Brighton where he died in 1908. I would love to hear from anyone in Brighton who has any memories of Dr. Percy Adkins, and his wife Blanche Adkins. A highly respected physician at Brighton, circa 1908-1917.

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