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The Model Aerodrome

by Edward 12 June 2007

The Model Aerodrome model shop was located at the junction of Cranbourne and West Street.I vividly remember as a child spending time looking at the glories that its windows contained when on my way home with my mother from St Pauls school.Sometimes I would go in with her and discovered that the shop had a distinct smell all of its own.Perhaps a compound of many different odours.I recall distinctly the Mamod steam engines{I eventually got a static one from the shop}and the Revel model kits “Famous Monsters of Filmland” I believe they were called.I had some of these also from the shop.I assume from the title of the shop that it may have been founded in the 1930s.Does anyone have any infomation about the shops history or just any memories they would care to share.

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