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The way we were

by Andy Grant 22 January 2010

Following on from Dave’s comments about packaging, I thought I might solicit memories of how we used to buy things.
For example, many things at the grocers came in sacks and were dispensed into brown paper bags. Fish and some meats were always finally wrapped in newspaper. Sweets came in white bags. Fizzy drinks came in returnable bottles with patent stoppers. Moreover you could buy how much you wanted, not minuscule portions in voluminous packing at hugely inflated prices.
I don’t think I really need ask most on the message board whether they many of the old ways of buying were better (more ecologically sound, more cost effective, more tied to customer needs, etc).
I’m aware flour got infested with minute insects, rats and mice gnawed into sacks and other shortcomings, but I for one, feel the ‘progress’ in packing and distribution of food has been to the detriment of the customer and for the benefit of the producers and their advertising agents.


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