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War Memorials

by Geoff Robbins 11 March 2018

Prompted by some of my recent research and the knowledge that this year marks the centenary of the end of WW1 whilst next year marks 80 years since the start of WW2, I am prompted to ask if there is a record anywhere of the details of the smaller war memorials that were created – I am thinking of those that existed in churches, schools and workplaces.

Varndean Grammar School had a large memorial in the Stainer Hall, and Lewes Road United Reform Church had a large memorial to Ernest Beal VC.

Such memorials provided a very local focus on the lost at the time of creation but could also be a very useful resource for those of us with an interest now – they might show where our forebears were educated, worshipped or worked, for example.

If such a record doesn’t exist then perhaps this site might be the place for it if someone could be found to compile it?

Does such a consolidated record exist anywhere that anyone knows of?


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