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Waterhall Golf Course

by Peter Groves 2 August 2019 8:16 AM

One of the two small areas

Anyone know what’s happening at Waterhall Golf Course? I’m not talking about the possible closure, although info on that would also be welcome, my question relates to the crops in an adjacent field?

I’ve played golf there a few times this spring/summer and in the spring noticed that two very small fields were being prepared for planting. Strange but these areas were not normal field size, much much smaller. The preparation was meticulous, and then white fencing was erected. As spring progressed I noticed that bird scaring guns were in use, which seemed strange for two very small unimportant fields. The two fields can’t really be seen from the road, only from a few of the tee boxes. I’ve attached an image taken from the 16th tee box of one of the small fields. I have my suspicions, but does anyone know?

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