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Western House, Western Terrace

by Ivor Williams 10 June

Does anyone know exactly what Western Terrace was built for?  I have found very little history. I know it was called ‘Prioy’ and I know it was also Debenhams.

My interest is my many Great Grandmother was living there in the 1841 Census, along with many other women and even a Clergyman and Chemist. Most of the women have the ‘trade’ as FS, which normally means ‘Female Servant’ and could mean a Shop Assistant.
Her future step mother-in-law also lived there for a period of time.

I would love to know if this was a large shop in 1841 or maybe a Catholic (or any religion) Priory? She was in ‘Western House’, not sure if that was part of the Terrace or all of it. It is a very large magnificant building, even today.