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Windsor family of Carlton row/Gloucester st

by Richard J 11 January 2008

It is 42º outside and seems a good time to to get back to the “dead ends” in the family research.

What do I discover? a top site which leaves me all warm & fuzzy with with a place I no longer know and time which no longer is.

How ever after scouring your message board with many pleasurable sidetracks, I must ask assistance from your knowledgeable crew and any visitors.

I have a bunch of Windsor members at 42 Carlton Row in 1901, some of whom went upmarket to Gloucester St (3 or four houses down from the Auction rooms)by the 1950’s.

I am particularly interested in Edward(s)Windsor DOB 1871 and his father Stephen D.O.B. ~ 1871

Can anyone add any detail to this.

Jeez it is still warm outside I may as well throw in Albert Parkes D.O.B 06/1923 who was in Warren Farm Agric School ~ 1933 to 1938, his father Percy (no detail) and his mother Charlotte Pierce who lived at 25 Sun St aged ~ 7/8(1901 states they were a fishing family).

I have had a top time on your well crafted site – love the slums in the pics, I can still recall the vibrant and demanding life that they demanded to enable folk to get on with life.

I do hope that the any of the above strikes a chord with a few people as research resources are a bit thin here in Oz.
Still, the weather forecast is hot for tomorrow too!

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