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Woodingdean Well

by Jonathan Brown 8 December 2009


My name’s Jonathan Brown.

I am a local playwright in the process of creating a piece of theatre that explores the story of the Elm Grove Workhouse and the Woodingdean Well, built to supply the workhouse with water, 1858-1862,

I’m writing to try to gauge interest in the story.

Do any of you think your membership/readership/usership might be interested in learning about this story via a medium such as drama? i.e. could there be a thirst to see such a story depicted dramatically?

Do you think that there may be people who might be interested in adding their own stories, (say of working / attending any of the various sites (Elm Grove/The General/Fitzherberts School/ The Warren Industrial School)) to any events or forums that might take place connected to a showing of this play?

Could any of you tell me roughly how many members or readers or visits or visitors your forum has?
(the reason I ask is because I am applying to the Arts council for funding, and i need to give a jist, a rough overview of the level of interest there might be in this local story, and how stories like it continue to touch the lives of people today.)

I think that’s all I’ve got to ask for now.

If YOu have any questions, or thoughts, you can email me, at mail(at) or view my website at

Many thanks

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