Growing up in the 1950s

Whitehawk estate photographed in 1956
From the private collection of Richard Shaw; click to open large version
Myself, Mrs Fairhall ('Fairy') and Deanna Gunn
From the private collection of Richard Shaw; click to open large version

Remembering the neighbours

My home was at 126 Whitehawk Road where I lived with my grandmother and her son and two daughters: Lionel, Jean and Joan. I spent a very happy childhood at Whitehawk and have some very fond memories of those days. This thread was started by Colin Chitty who lived just a few doors away from me and I was sad to learn that Colin had died recently. I remember the Morrel family at 122; the children were Linda, Sandra and Tony. The Kirby family were next door to them where the children were all girls and included Betty, Winnie, Irene and Brenda. Then the Gunn family next where there was a girl called Deanna.

Lived opposite the school

The Hobdens were at 125 next to us ,and the sons were Bobby and Jeffery, then the Fairhalls at 127 with brother and sister Raymond and Maureen.  I believe the  Dorringtons were at 128. The Greens were at 129 and then the Chitty family at 130 where Colin lived with his brothers and sisters: Terry, Janice, Dennis, Stan and I believe Derek and June. The Steynings were a little further up the road with their son Dennis. I went to Whitehawk Junior School and our house was immediately opposite the school gates but this did not stop me from being late for school on several occasions.

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Place of my childhood has gone

I recently returned to Whitehawk and met up with some old friends; I was amazed to find them still living at the same address. Terry had become a keen gardener and their garden’s front and back look absolutely wonderful. Most of the back gardens that used to be planted out with vegetables and flowers are now full of outbuildings and sheds and all manner of paraphernalia, while the front gardens are now mainly given over to parking cars, motorbikes and caravans. Sadly the place has changed a lot, and the Whitehawk of my childhood has gone

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  • Hi Ricky, I think this photo might have been taken a bit later than 1956. I too had a very enjoyable and memorable childhood living in Whitehawk. We lived in a prefab on Wiston Close from 1947 to 1958. When my family and I emigrated to Australia the prefabs were still there. I’m not sure when they were pulled down but it was certainly later than March 1958. At the top centre to the top right of the picture I would have thought you could see some prefabs which would have still been there in 1958. The curved road at the top right I think is Danehill Rd. which had prefabs on both sides. If you,(or anyone else) has any photos of the prefabs I’d love to see them as they appear to be very scarce. Still, lovely to see the old primary school and estate. Cheers  

    By Eric Cook (07/12/2015)
  • I  lived  in  84  Whitehawk  Road  right  opposite the   then  coach  park.  Us  kids  used  to  clean  the  coaches  out   for   2  bob  a  time   and  some  of  the  mums  made  tea  for  the  drivers. We  could  earn  a  pound  for  a  day, then  one  day,  someone  stole  a  watch  from  a  coach,  and  the  cleaning  stopped.  Happy  Days,  I  was  friends  with  the  Easons  the  Johnsons, Georgie Roberts, Eddie Kite, Ginger Pumphrey and Terry Dunk  to  name but  a  few.

    By Harry Atkins (23/12/2015)
  • Very sorry to hear of the death of Colin Chitty.  I remember him from Whitehawk Junior School around 1960/62. Headmaster was Mr Robinson with teachers, Mr Hanson, Miss Potter, Miss New and Miss French. 

    By Marilyn Bright (24/02/2016)
  • Have just read about the passing of Colin Chitty. I was also in his class in the Juniors and sat in front of him in English. He helped me with my spelling which often got him told off. Such a nice person and we always spoke when ever we met. RIP Colin.

    By Pauline Godden (04/03/2016)
  • i am the youngest of eleven children to Ada and Douglas Harriott. We lived at 3, Fletching Road until 1954 when we moved to Australia. I was born December 1950 and my oldest sibling was born in 1930. I would like to know if there is anyone who remembers my family and if there are any photos of any of my family out there.

    By Michael John Harriott (28/07/2018)
  • Hi Richard, my name is Suzanne Serejko – I am the granddaughter of Mrs Fairhall (Fairy). My brother Steve and I are the children of Maureen Fairhall and Harold Rogers who lived with Mr and Green at 128 Whitehawk Road.

    By Suzanne serejko (26/11/2019)
  • I just found this page, I was born and bred in whitehawk lived at 73 fletching road up to 1951 then moved to hervey road until 1962. Great memories of growing up in a fantastic area, happy days. my name is andrew lynch (drew) and would like to hear from anyone who remembers me.

    By andrew lynch. (drew) (22/11/2020)
  • I remember you Andrew Lynch. We were in the the same class through primary school. I was born in Whitehawk in 1942 as Kathleen Harriott. I now live in South Australia. I do remember quite a few class mates names. John Eckert,Trevor Thomas,Elaine, Thomas,Ann King, Pamela Stunnel, Pamela Hunt, Carol Bligh, Jennifer Grummet, Robin Sutton, Geoffrey Sharp, David English. My best friend was Doris Barcock who I still have contact with. I loved my school days at Whitehawk. Do you remember in 4A Mr. Kibbleswhites rhino tail high up on the wall behind the pipe? Good memories of him. Wish you. Well.

    By Kathleen Dubsky née Harriott (21/12/2021)
  • Great to hear from you Kathleen, yes I do remember you and all the others you named. I have just received a photo of our school football team with Mr. Kibblewhite and Mr Taylor head master. Wonderful days, love to all in AUS. DREW.

    By ANDREW LYNCH (22/12/2021)

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