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Simmonds Pond, Bevendean

East Brighton contains some stunning downlands and one particular treasure is the lovely Simmonds Pond. Sat between Bevendean and Moulescoomb valleys, this man-made dew pond is a delight.

Myself and faithful pooch, Ham, regularly visit for a game of fetch and swim. I sit on the recent addition – a bench provided by Friends of Bevendean Down (thank you for your sterling work) and relax whilst Ham socialises with the many local dogs. Funny how we know the names of the dogs but rarely the owners…. nethertheless all who pass by are equally friendly.

My kids love the tadpole season too. A visit is incredibly nostalgic when snotty nosed schoolboys can be seen sloshing along the paths with buckets and jam jars full of spawn.

Simmonds Pond is also named after me (or so I like to imagine!!) or can anyone enlighten us as to the true roots? I would highly recommend a wander up onto our beautiful countryside whether you have a dog or not- so go on… get your wellies out!!

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  • Most interested to see your lovely picture and comments on the dew pond. It was named in memory of Colin Simmonds, founder member of the Sussex Butterfly Society, who loved this site and sadly died soon after the pond was renovated. We have been members of FOBD since its beginning in l991. Hopefully, rain over the winter will fill the pond again.

    By Geoff and Dorothy Stevens (22/09/2003)
  • Hello Gina, We found your pond while I was Googling my daughter’s name which is also Gina Simmonds. The interesting thing is that I am married to Jamie Simmonds who lived in Piddinghoe as a child. We are now in California. Jamie’s grandfather was Arthur Jolly who lived in Hove in Brighton. His grandfather Simmonds was from around the area as well. I don’t know if there is any connection, but I will try to visit the pond the next time we come to Sussex.

    By Alice Simmmonds (08/08/2004)
  • Wow, I never knew the dew pond actually ever had water in it! Mainly odd rubble and abandoned prams etc. LB resident 1966-1976, moved from there to elsewhere in Brighton with parents. PS I thought ‘East Brighton’ is the posh name for Whitehawk, not Bevendean!

    By Paul B (27/02/2005)
  • I was born in Combe Rd in the 1930s and the only dew pond that we knew about was at the top left corner of the cow field that become Heath Hill Avenue. Same one?

    By Colin Webb (05/04/2005)
  • Lovely to see such a delightful photo of Simmonds Pond named after my late husband. He very much enjoyed this area and helping FOBD. My two sons and I were very touched when they wanted to name it in his memory – they do excellent work and keep me up-to-date with progress every year.

    By Bernice Simmonds (21/06/2005)
  • I lived in Lower Bevendean (Hornby Road) from 1950 until 1977. I then moved over the hill and lived in Selba Drive (Higher Bevendean) between 1977 and 1983. I have known it to be called anything except ‘The Dew Pond’.

    By Geoff Fitch (14/07/2005)
  • From what I remember it was a bomb crater and they turned it into a pond a few years ago.

    By Russell Healey (19/02/2006)
  • Like Colin Webb I lived in Coombe Road in the 1930’s, but later moved to Knepp Close in Lower Bevemdean. If this pond is where I think it is, we used to call it “The Giants Po”. To my memory it never contained any water, but perhaps what I am talking about isn’t in fact Simmonds Pond?

    By Mike Simmons (28/11/2006)
  • I too rember ‘The Giant’s Po’ … how that brings back memories. From memory it was on the left hand-side of the path that lead from Higher Bevendean to the Falmer-Woodingdean Road. I remember that you had to pass the reservoir on the hill before you arrived at this concrete pond.

    By Vernon Page (22/09/2007)
  • I’ve just walked to ‘the giants po’. It’s a 50s style concrete dew pond. I never remember the pond holding water (even 30 years ago, mostly supermarket trolleys. The basin is clear of rubbish now. It has grass growing in the middle. The Po would be 35 feet across,2 metres deep if restored.I would be interested to know if any plans are in place for restoration. The saddle on the west of Norwhich drive was a M.O.D firing range and as a child I remember the munitions being cleared and detonated at the site of the now Functioning Simmonds pond. It’s an inspirational place to sit after a walk, the pond is full of tadpoles and must do wonders for the Southdowns’ ecology.

    By Marcus Eade (12/05/2013)
  • I lived in Lower Bevendean from 1955 until 1974. I used to play in the woods all the time. Cannot think where this pond is? My father still lives in Hornby Road – I must ask him if he knows of it.

    By Mary Guy (30/06/2015)
  • It’s up the path to the old scout hut, formerly known as Juggs Lane. The path runs up the hill and, if followed runs between Moulsecoomb and Bevendean and eventually meets Falmer Road. The ‘dew poind’ is not too far in, although up a hill, and is to the left of the main path. There’s another little path that runs from Norwich Drive across to Moulsecoomb

    By Ken Valder (02/07/2015)

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