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Please note that this text is an extract from a reference work written in 1990.  As a result, some of the content may not reflect recent research, changes and events.

m) COUNCIL PLANNING AWARDS: Since 1983 Brighton Council has given awards for the design of new buildings and for the restoration of old ones. The winners have been {123,306}:

1983 132 Queen’s Road (design); 14 Montpelier Terrace (restoration).
1984 27 Old Steine (restoration).
1985 Sainsburys store, Lewes Road (design).
1986 124 King’s Road (restoration); 164-165 Marine Parade (restoration).
1987 36-37 Frederick Place (design); St Peter’s House, Richmond Place (design).
1988 Beach Hotel, 3-4 Regency Square (restoration); Kipling Garden, Rottingdean (environmental enhancement).
1989 Asda superstore, Crowhurst Road (design); 20 New Road (design); Libertys store, East Street and Bartholomews (design).
1990 No award.

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  • Would have thought the Council would want to keep a page that gives information such as this up to date – maybe they never look at this web-site?

    By Audrey (05/10/2008)

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