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Rating cadets at HMS King Alfred

Cadet ratings at HMS King Alfred, Hove, and pose for their class photograph with senior training staff and the Commanding Officer Captain Pelly. Class number and date are not known.

My Grandfather John Edward Wiseman is 4th from left 2nd row)

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Cadet ratings
From the private collection of Stuart Crane

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  • Forgive my ignorance but what is a ‘cadet rating’, and why are some wearing peaked caps?

    By John Wall (27/02/2011)
  • The term ‘Cadet Rating’ was applied to successful candidates for training for a commission at HMS King Alfred. Ratings arrived at Hove via two routes: The Commission and Warrant (CW) scheme where candidates were specially selected serving ratings from the lower deck assessed as having officer potential by their commanding officers. Alternatively the ‘Y’ scheme which recruited educationally qualified young men while still at school and who were ‘potential officer material’ who completed basic new entrant training as naval ratings before joining ‘King Alfred’. The difference in the uniforms of Ratings Cadets is due to Admiralty uniform policy, ‘Fore and Aft Rig’ comprised a conventional jacket, shirt and tie and peaked cap worn by all officers, warrant officers, chief petty officers and petty officers and junior ratings who did not belong to seaman or engine room branches. These included artificer apprentices, medical personnel, administrative personnel, cooks, stewards etc. ‘Square rig’ which consisted of jumper, bell bottom trousers and round hat was worn by all seaman branch ratings. Ratings arrived at King Alfred wearing their normal issue uniform, those who passed the Admiralty Selection Board at Mowden School were issued with two white cap bands to be worn in place of the normal cap badges and these denoted them as ‘Cadet Ratings’. CW and ‘Y’ scheme cadet ratings comprised the majority of the trainees to pass through HMS King Alfred; they were not afforded the title ‘officers under training’ until the final two weeks of the 12 week course. For more information see the history of HMS King Alfred on this site.

    By Tony Drury (04/03/2011)
  • My father Douglas Davis, now 93, spent time at PA. He has similar photos as a CW candidate. He also commanded LCMs. I shall try and get him to make contact with you on my return to Australia in the next month.

    By Adrian Davis (10/08/2011)

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