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102-104 Church Road

John Hunter had been a Cow Keeper & Dairyman in Hove since at least the 1840’s. When he died his widow Ann continued the business, assisted by their three sons, John, Joseph and Edward.  By the 1870’s John was running a Butcher’s shop in Church Street, Hove (now Church Road), whilst Joseph and Edward ran the Alderney Dairy in Church, Street, Hove. By the turn of the century the company had expanded to form the South of England Dairies Ltd., with Joseph Hunter as its Managing Director.

The premises continued to be used as a dairy, but reverted to Hunter’s Dairy before amalgamating with Hole’s Dairy. Joseph Hunter had also set up the South Coast Dairy Company in other premises at 146, Church Road. By the 1960’s the latter premises had closed and the business was concentrated into the premises at 102, again being called the South Coast Dairy. By the 1970s it had been turned into a supermarket.

102-104 Church Road, 1890
Image reproduced with kind permission of The Regency Society and The James Gray Collection
102-104 Church Road, 2013
Photo by Tony Mould

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  • In the 50s I had a Saturday job to collect eggs and bread from ‘Hunters,’ for a small hotel on Third Avenue. The eggs were sold from three big baskets in their size grade. When the name changed to ‘Holes and Davigdor,’ we still referred to the store as ‘Hunters,’ and if I were there again, I’d still use the old name.

    By Richard White (03/05/2016)
  • This property is/was at 78 Molesworth Street, Hove. Called Alderney Dairy. I wonder how it fits in with the original posting above by Jennifer Drury. The two gentlemen are my Grandfather and Great Grandfather, the former emigrated to New Zealand and went farming.The building is still there according to Google Maps! Do you think there were two Alderney Dairies?

    By David Parker (07/03/2017)
  • I think Alderney Dairy was a bit of a generic name. There was a dairy up in Powis Rd that advertised itself having an Alderney cow in the 1860s and another in St Georges Rd/Upper St James St with a similar advert claim about the same period.

    By Geoffrey Mead (24/03/2017)
  • It would be good if the web manager would post the photo I sent to go with my post dated 23/03/2017 then people would understand the post better. Thanks for your note Geoffrey.

    Editor’s note: David you attached your image to a comment – the software here does not allow that. If you would like to send me the photo and some details, I will happily publish it properly on a separate page

    By David Parker (24/04/2017)
  • John Hunter was my 3rd great grandfather whose son, Joseph was my 2nd. The latter was due to accompany Sir Arthur Sassoon to India but he died after eating oysters at the farewell banquet. Sir Arthur, a friend of King Edward VII, lived on the Kingsway with his wife where his health benefitted from the sea air. 146 Church Road was later the home of Joseph’s wife and where my grandmother spent some of her childhood and also where her brother was born.

    By Michele Kiss (19/02/2024)

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