Coronation Day in Middleton Rise

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Fancy dress parade

These photographs show the Coronation Day party at Middleton Rise. I do like the photo of John Deacon and Maurice Glanville dressed as ladies. The photo of the fancy dress winners shows me as ‘Me & My Girl’. My cousins Ann and Douglas are behind me, as is, I think, Pat Bateson. I’m not sure who the others are.

Coronation on TV

The other photo shows left to right, Silvia Glanville, Maurice Glanville, John Deacon,Valerie Hackett, Margaret Deacon, I think, and my sister Barbara. I’m not sure about the tall person at the back of the group; Pearl Vardy is kneeling down, bottom right. I remember that we all went to Mrs Pounsbury’s house to watch the Coronation, as they were the only people to have a television set.

Spectacular garden display

However, all of us children got bored after a while, and we went out into the street to play. Does anyone remember Mr Bateson’s garden? On his front garden, which sloped down to the pavement, he had planted out a huge Union Jack flag in flowers. It was really quite spectacular.

Do you remember?

Do you recognise yourself or anyone else here? Do you remember this party? Maybe you remember the Coronation Day party in your street? If you can share your memories with us, please leave a comment below.


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  • Hi Ian, what wonderful pictures you have put on here, not seen any of those before. That tall girl at the back we think is Margaret Hacket, I am next to Pearl, we think Sandra Lockyer and then Dierdre Poundsbury. Mr Hacket is standing at the back. Will comment on others. Thanks for the memories. xxx


    By Janet Lee nee Deacon (16/06/2014)
  • Yes Ian, first pic from left: Janet nee Deacon, Ann nee Bateson and myself hooked up last Feb and put as many names as we could to the photo. The second picture with John and Maurice (all dressed up) immediately behind them is Mrs Vardy and my mom Mrs Eve Lockyer. Last pic on right: Janet and I think  the front row girl turning could be Sandra Lockyer. Happy days

    By S M Lockyer (16/06/2014)
  • The girl in the big hat and basket of lavender was Janice Harman.

    By Janice Moye (17/09/2018)

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