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The Story of Brighton: a short quiz

Try this simple 10-question quiz about the story of Brighton. It’ll provide you with a potted history of the city.

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  • Good – you should try it out.  I got 9 out of 12 – which is good for me!  I know where Martha Gunn used to live!

    By Shannon (17/10/2008)
  • Yes! We tried it and got all questions right. Only just found it. Anymore?

    By Jennifer and Caroline Tonks (26/12/2008)
  • Any more quizzes? Got 11 out of 12 so pretty chuffed with my knowledge of Brighton.

    By Lea (13/01/2010)
  • What a fantastic way of testing ones knowledge about Brighton and having fun at the same time. I agree, lets have some more quizzes on the site!

    By Jules (01/02/2010)
  • Easy peasy, got 12 out 12. Please make them harder!

    By brudie (27/02/2010)
  • Scored 9 - not too bad as I moved away in 1972.

    By John Cording (21/02/2011)

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