The journal

Collage from the Letter in the Attic journal

Collage from the Letter in the Attic journal

Collage from the Letter in the Attic journal

QueenSpark Books have published a book based on the Letter in the Attic collection. The book is a journal in which people can do their own writing, illustrated with quotes and pictures from the Letter in the Attic collection. It is available to buy through the QueenSpark website. It’s an ideal Christmas present!

Sample quotations from the journal

The Letter in the Attic journal is studded with quotation and collages from the collection.  You can see some sample collages on the right.  Below are some of the quotations.

Dear Sir,
Herewith I thank you very much for the glass spearheads, made by the Gnalluma-tribe of N.W Australia, you so kindly sent as a present to this Museum.  I am, dear sir, yours faithfully…
Letter to Emile Clement, Hove resident and explorer, 1922

In fifty minutes, it will be July 17th, 1945, and I shall be 21 years of age. Therefore, in the next fifty minutes – all that remains of my youth! – I am setting down a picture of the world and myself as we are at this moment… I am 5ft 11, blue eyes, dark brown hair, pleasant looking in a repulsive sort of way … My one real ambition is to marry and retire, an ambition I decided upon at 17 ½ years of age.
Gordon Harris writes himself a letter, 1945

We had such a delightful evening! There was Mr Folkard and dear Mr Alfred, a Miss Hannah who is staying here and two Mr Treachers, one married and one not, and both such exceedingly nice fellows. They sing so beautifully…after his performance was over last evening, the unmarried one took me down to supper and then we had one quadrille – was it not delightful!
Sarah Sedgewick describes meeting her future husband in a letter to her sister, 1861

Dear Violet and Vera
I will chase you home dinner time and teatime. I love you both very much. How about kissing in Boundry Ally? Write answer soon
From George
Letters between childhood sweethearts George and Violet, aged 8, 1930s

Cover of the Letter in the Attic journal

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