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Before 1900

Men take the boulders from Black Rock
A complaint to the town commissioners, 1844

The insolvent builder
A solicitor’s letter from 1826

My lady, I should be so thankful….
Applicants for poor relief in Victorian Brighton

Everything new, startling and successful
Correspondence of the manager of Brighton Aquarium, 1873

This is my life
Extracts from the memoir of Arthur Henry Collins, 1896-99

Please come for me, Mother
Letter from a homesick child, 1887

When I am gone
Letter to Sarah Sinden, 1886

I doubt if Paradise itself would please all
Letters from Australia, 1849-1855

A Victorian schoolgirl writes to her parents
Letters from St Mary’s Hall school, 1838-1840

A Sprig from the Vine
Letters of a Georgian windmill owner, c 1825-1836

Was it not delightful!
Letters relating to Charles Treacher (1835-1871)


In memory of these glorious days
A postcard from the Boer War, 1900

A colourful life in verse
A soliloquy by Martin Van Buren Bligh, 1904

A postcard from out of the wall
From Annie Hammond, 1904

Origin of the name ‘Brighton’
Letter from John George Bishop, 1907

In memory of our dear mother
Memoir of a Moulsecoomb widow, 1915-1941

Found under the floorboards
Papers from 82 Preston Drove, Brighton, 1906-15

Home of the inventor Magnus Volk
Postcards of Peter Booth, 1907-1918

A life in Brighton
Reminiscences of Ronald Arthur Kessler, 1904-1993

1914-1918 (First World War)

Convalescing in the Royal Pavilion
A postcard from William Griffiths, 1915

20 Pelham Square
Conveyancing document, 6th Nov 1916

My love from Nigeria
Letter from Jack Bethell, 1915

This longed for day has arrived…
Letter to a POW from Buckingham Palace, 1918

Up to your knees in mud and water
Letters from the trenches, 1915-1916

Love letter from a dug-out
Letters of Jack Leech, 1915-1918

The prisoner’s concealed pencil
Memoir of Arthur Sanders, 1914-1918

Duties of a Special Constable, 1914
Papers related to the Smart family (1917-90)

Landslip at Black Rock
Postcard from Annie Ross, 1917

Scenes of Europe from World War One
Postcards of William Brooman, 1909-1920


In the Land of Buckshee
A memoir by Ralph Watts covering 1919-1939

A Girl Guide’s diary
Diary of Florence Guile, 1924-5

Applying for vacancy as advertised
Letter from Thomas Fairchild, 1928

A talk on the Gnamula Tribe, 1921
Letters and photos relating to Emile Clement (1844-1928)

I expect you want a wedding cake
Letters of childhood sweethearts, 1933

Cricketing correspondence
Letters to Harry Osborne, 1927-1997

Home town thoughts from Hove
Memoir of Bill Thurley, 1930-1950

Finding lodgings in Regency Square
Memoir of Francis Price, 1938

Three generations of a Hove family
Papers and photos of the Elliott family, 1910-23

A butchers opens in Portslade
Papers of Frank Brotherhood, 1929

I am very pleased with Beryl
School reports for Beryl Moppett, 1937-1939

1939-1945 (World War II)

Hitler was supposed to invade today
A diary of life in Lewes and Brighton during World War II

How little you know, my lad!
A Hove couple’s post-war letters, 1945-1946

Free access to Bletchley Park
Correspondence of a radio enthusiast and spy, 1938-2001

No onions and the Great Dictator
Diary of a Brighton cinema-goer, 1941

The untimely death of a professional soldier
Letter from Sidney Horrobin, 1939

To my lifelong friend
Letter of a conscientious objector, 1945

A girl of excellent character
Letter of reference for Eileen Odom, nee Pickett, 1942

A soldier missing, then found!
Letter relating to Frederick Langridge, 1942

Prisoner of War post
Letter to Albert Stanford, 1945

Thanks from J. Lyons
Letter to Millie Lander, 1944

A Hangleton wedding
Letters and photos of Edward Nicklen, 1941

A beautiful girl with a glass eye
Letters from Robert Gregory, 1942-1945

Max and the Desert Rats
Love letters from a comedian, 1942-45

A Brighton girl grows up
Memoir of Margaret Ann Rich, 1936-54

The last time I went to the beach
Memoir of Patricia Tongue (1936-1949)

Skating through the Home Guard
Papers and photos of Reginald Moores, 1940s

Hove Fire Station
Photos and papers from the 1940s

Damaged in enemy action
Schoolgirl’s letter returned with a bullet hole, 1944


Entertaining a lady friend
A landlord writes to Michael Crane, 1968

Too ill to sail with HMS Hood
Charles Mitchell’s release from the Navy, 1946

A most generous parcel
Letters from Arthur Jolly, 1948

Three boo’s for the captain!
Letters from Iraq, 1946-7

The Starlit Room, Hotel Metropole
Menus and photographs from 1960s and early 1970s

Joining the Brighton and Hove Harmonic Society
Papers of Wendy Jones, 1962

My Victory Book
Schoolbooks of Margaret Hutchings, 1945-1947

1970 to the present

Straight down to the beach
Diaries of Ross Reeves, 2004

A diary of clothes!
Diary extract from Elaine Evans, 1971

Watching from another planet
Diary of a Hove Mayoress, 1988

A girl with her hippy lingo
Diary of a Sussex student, 1977-78

Love at first sight
Diary of Mark Bracewell, 2001

After the Great Storm
Diary of Trevor Povey, Oct 1987

Things have got a little quieter now
Letters from the Falklands, 1982

Watching the sun set by the West Pier
Letters of Alistair Thomson, 1983-84

Crippled by mistakes of the health service
Letters of Les Moss, 1976

A Baha’i funeral
Papers relating to the funeral of Habibollah Mohebati, 1991

Writing in the style of Dylan Thomas
Schoolgirl essays by Beryl Payne, 1961

Sprouting at all different heights
Travel journal of Sharon Forsdyke, 1991

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