Letter of reference for Eileen Odom, nee Pickett, 1942

Letter of reference from Ms L.A. Beaton, headmistress of East Hove Senior School for Girls, for Eileen Pickett, Dec 1942

Eileen Odom (nee Pickett) was born in Shoreham in 1928 but the family moved to Coleridge Street, Hove in 1938.  She attended Ellen Street School, Hove, for one year, and then East Hove Senior School for Girls in Davigdor Road.

She left school at the age of 14 and started work on 28th December 1942 at a branch of Liptons grocers on the corner of Blatchington Road and George Street, her headmistress having written a glowing reference for her! The letter of reference, together with many other papers, have been shared with the Letter in the Attic project by Eileen Odom.

Reliable and punctual

“She is a girl of excellent character, strictly honest and reliable, punctual and very willing…  She should do very well in a shop.”

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  • I am curious about Eileen Pickett’s family tree. We share the same family name, although I am an American. However, my own genealogical research reveals that the family emigrated from England in the 1600s. Do you have any further information?

    By Winston Pickett (18/08/2016)

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