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The largest Bhutan elm tree in the British Isles

I am active doing research into elms across the city; and recently I have had numerous correspondences with Ronnie Dijker in Holland who is collecting elm material for a international arboretum for elms. He and I are also going through data on Ray Evison’s connection with Dr. Hans Heybroek between 1958 – 1978.

There are a lot of elms planted in Brighton from Holland during this period. When Hans Heybroek retired most of his work was destroyed by Dutch authorities, so Brighton is a living legacy of his work too.

the largest Bhutan elm (Ulmus wallichiana) in the British Isles; Longhill School, Rottingdean.
Photo by Peter Bourne

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  • I am not sure what information you require from this article? As Brighton and Hove City Council hold the National Elm collection surely the city arboroculturist would be the person most qualified to answer your questions.

    By Laine (30/12/2009)

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