The South Downs
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Please note that this text is an extract from a reference work written in 1990.  As a result, some of the content may not reflect recent research, changes and events.

d) HILLS: The highest hill in the borough of Brighton is Bullock Hill which reaches 645 feet above sea-level to the north-east of Woodingdean , although a point of similar height is reached in the extreme north-west of the borough where the boundary crosses a shoulder of West Hill. Prior to the boundary extension of 1928, Race Hill, by the top of Bear Road , was the highest point at approximately 463 feet. The main hills within the borough, with approximate heights in feet above sea-level, are:

645 Bullock Hill, Woodingdean
584 Hollingbury, Patcham
580 Holt Hill, Patcham
534 Falmer Hill, off Falmer Road
531 near Pudding Bag Wood, StanmerPark
510 Varncombe Hill, Patcham
509 The Bostle, Woodingdean
503 Heath Hill, Woodingdean
485 Tegdown Hill, Patcham
476 on Ditchling Road south of Old Boat Corner
463 Race Hill, by Bear Road
435 Scare Hill, Patcham
430 in Stanmer Great Wood
430 Red Hill, Westdene
427 Sweet Hill, Patcham
417 Race Hill, by the Race Stands
417 Telscombe Tye, Saltdean
411 at Balsdean Reservoir
410 Ewebottom Hill, Patcham
398 High Hill, Balsdean
396 Whitehawk Hill, Brighton
387 Coney Hill, Westdene
367 Mount Pleasant, Woodingdean
355 on Dyke Road Avenue, near Dyke Road Place
352 Red Hill, Roedean
334 Tenant Hill, Saltdean
330 Richmond Hill, Stanmer
304 Cattle Hill, Ovingdean
276 East Hill, RottingdeanHeights
270 Long Hill, Ovingdean
230 Albion Hill, Brighton
223 Round Hill, Brighton
220 Church Hill, Brighton
216 Beacon Hill, Rottingdean
213 near Overhill Way, Patcham

In addition, the following approximate heights are reached on the borough boundary, but are not hill summits:

645 on West Hill, Patcham
545 on Castle Hill, Balsdean
515 west of Saddlescombe Road
512 at Millbank Wood, Stanmer
453 on Swanborough Hill, Balsdean

The highest road in the borough is Laughton Road, Woodingdean, which reaches about 575 feet above sea-level; nos.13-15 are the highest houses in Brighton. Falmer Road is the highest main road, reaching 535 feet north of Bexhill Road, while the highest road outside the Woodingdean area is Ditchling Road which reaches 525 feet at Hollingbury.

Any numerical cross-references in the text above refer to resources in the Sources and Bibliography section of the Encyclopaedia of Brighton by Tim Carder.

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